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Yearbook Cento

Lisa (a/k/a the reincarnation of Natalie Wood) –
Why do you hop like a bunny?
Think humanoid not rodent.
Did you know that Tampa is a place
that all Catholics must travel to in their lifetimes?

Your a weirdo. You laugh to much.
Remember – not even for a million dollars
and all the Hawaiian islands.
I’ll miss the times we shared, and I
hope you weren’t too scared
when I hit that snowbank

Street Violence is clutch.
Drama is key.
The Dead Milkmen are gods.
You are going to school in Florida!
It is shaped like a penis!

I know you are going to have
a really interesting life.
Read anything else I’ve written
if you think I’d tell anyone else this.
Have a good summer; I will probably
see you for most of it.

Go get ’em, killah.