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I’m Just Saying

as opposed to talking, speaking, verbally
expressing myself, articulating, perhaps
enunciating, or maybe even communicating;
I’m just saying. Words have power when
they’re stated, spoken, told, disclosed, but
those linguistic weapons are swiftly disarmed
if we simply say that our saying is “just,”
because just makes us blameless and right.

Snow in the Wharf

The Earth has summoned snow
Not sent as from above
Called as from below

The Captain on the boat
Warm in his knit sea hat
Called aloud to gloat
To those who didn’t know:

Attention all clouds!
Snow is in session!
Time now to release
Flakes in your possession

We gather today
On this a cold morn
So that mittens are worn
So that snowmen are born

Who but the sheep
Of the fields and the hill
Will donate their wool
To keep us from chill?

And what but the mittens
We make from the wool
Will we do with the wool?
You did gather wool?

Oh, you didn’t?
Did you buy leather gloves?
I’ve summoned the snow
To Earth from above

It’s gonna get cold
So wear a tight scarf
Attention all clouds!
Not much rhymes with scarf.