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Racquetball Echoes

Poetry lacks
The undisputed facts
Of sports

The cut-and-dry
Of white painted lines
Of sorts

These words.

These Are Words On Paper

These are words
On paper
Perhaps that’s true
They could be
Tiny ones and zeroes
Illuminating, contrasting
Flickering for a blink

They could be morsels
Savored like oasis drams
Shining on a weathered leaf
Jumping the space
Between your eyes
And dancing
In all time

Are words on paper
You could
Get to know them
Like a neighbor
Nodding as you pass
Smiling, acquainted
Just enough
To work in a hello

They could be your nightly
Park stroll
A party anecdote
They could be
The magnet
To your future, shared
Connecting souls

These are
Words on paper
Take them as
You find them
Glossy, grainy, coarse
The wisdom in them


They high-
Fived, our

Their hands

Pots and
Pans, not
Fly swatters.

When I’m Happy I

Spin in circles, fly
Roll my eyes,


Did that,
Standing still,
The world flies
Bent to my will.

Off with his Headlines

If I read
“Wife says
Man dies from

I’d think
(“That’s right,
I did it,
He deserved it,
Shut up about it.”)

Who, Me?

It’s another way to think about yourself,
black-hole fighter,
ground alighter,
physics law smiter.

I, a Living Spaceship?
An effort-based
Vehicle, my bony chassis

 A galactic assembly of
Calcium plants,
Milky Way beams

Within skin panels
I boost with muscle
Strands fueled

By liquid iron circuits,
These tributaries
Transfuse digits,

 Limbs, trunk
Alike, irrigate with
Minerals I

Commandeer, flood
Interior plains,
Steer each day

The way the moon
Rocks the sea, nightly
Surely, lightly.