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In Vino Veritas

My friend tells me
Theres a balance
Beam metaphor

Dont she says
Don’t look down
Those people

Her nod
And flavored

With two kinds
Of red wine
At some invisible

Group of
Down lookers
They she says

Those people

So as we
Eye our

Fix your stare
Full steam ahead
Don’t let the whines

Go to your head


Ambling sloth-like through the wasteland, breathing in a noxious haze of tryptophan and sickly sweet liquor, I plod past the pestilent pond of porcelain piled high in endless pillars, towards the puddles of putrid fat liquidized and pooling on the plates, once poured steaming over broken bones now dripping down the drain while the last vestiges of flesh hang threadbare off that osseous matter. Small hands have left their mark behind them, stained and sliding down the wall as if grasping for some invisible rungs to rescue them from wrath. Meanwhile, that gelatinous glob of congealed red mass continues to vellicate on the floor, a ceaseless tremor that suggests its sentience. Yet somehow, the empty glass and glasses have survived the slaughter mostly intact, only weathered and worn by overuse though now dirty, discarded and disheveled down among the grateful undead whose virile corpses litter the living room furniture until such time tomorrow that consumption might continue.


And so I thought, “If a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a song paint?” and went with that. I’ve been meaning to write more music lately, but I’ve also had a lot on my mind about the way that words work in music, as opposed to poetry. Unlike poems, which are often enhanced by specifics, song lyrics in general tend to rely on pronouns and ambiguity, allowing the listener to apply his or her own meaning to the words. Sometimes, even the cheesiest, most apoetic lines sound profound, and that’s what I tried to do here (I used to write lyrics like “translucent and impermanent,” but that never got me anywhere); I tried writing on 3 different topics at once, intentionally leaving it vague so that a listener might bring him or herself into it. An MP3 should be posted by the end of the day (Eastern Standard time). Unless I get drunk and forget, which is entirely possible.

For forty days, I fasted you,
Liquid sustenance to help me make it through.
A friend of fire, burning with desire, yours and mine,
but this water keeps on turning into wine

Spent forty nights awake through this,
Starved for comfort, stars, and every goodbye kiss.
This desert bed, these grains of sand where I should rest my head, just like a fool,
a wanderer with nothing left to lose.

Ooh, you carry this around
Ooh, I bury myself deeper underground
Ooh, your voice the only sound that I can hear
It echoes every time you disappear

Ooh, I carry this around
Ooh, you bury yourself deeper underground
Ooh, your voice the only song I want to hear
and I found it on the day you disappeared

For forty days, I fasted you,
Liquid sustenance to help me make it through.
If you never hear a word of this again, let’s make it clear
that I lost you on the day I disappeared.