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Shaving Cream

I hate shaving. That is my poetic
diary entry of the day, it seems.
Leave me be, face leaves, grass of my cheek plains.
I am not the mower you would have me
be. I do not reap or sow, only grow
and grow and grow and grow from nothingness,
and not the abstract nothingness, the word
on paper concept, but lack; growth from no,
growth unbidden, growth unwelcome, tangle
of wiry life from the void, a million
tiny razors slashing at kissed faces,
the stabbing towers of my vibrancy,
my black and red and blonde banner men spread
across the field of my chin waging war.

Beach Umbrella

It isn’t so much depression as—no,
but maybe it is. It’s not always doom
and gloom; it can also be laziness,
lack of desire, an extinguished heart fire,
a general dimming of the world and
all of the once flaring lights within it.
Not so much an emptiness as a blank
space where nothing can come to rest, a hole
with no edges or depth, only itself.
Like when I bring a book to the beach to
read, excited because it’s engrossing,
maybe summer themed, but when I turn
my eyes away, the brightness blinds me for
a moment, and the pages all look black.

Guest Room

So I guess you reach a certain age when
even catching up isn’t enough, when
you can spend an extended weekend in
each other’s homes but never find yourselves
alone for long enough to discuss more
than the particular activity
at hand. You have a great time, get along,
click like nothing has change and time hasn’t
gone on separately for the two of
you, but the day to day despair eludes
mention, probably without intention,
but nevertheless. At the end of the
trip, you find yourselves saying, “Let’s do this
again, and soon. I miss talking to you.”

I’m Back (Haiku)

I’m back in LA
as of today, so next week’s
poem will be real.

Things to do in Tokyo.

Yeah, I lived in Tokyo for half a year. Are you going? I’m not, but I wish I were. If you are going some time soon, here are a few things you should definitely do.

1) Go to Yoyogi park, on the west side of Tokyo. Yoyogi sits on the west side of the Yamanote-sen (the loop train line; it’s orange-colored on all system maps), in between Shinjuku and Shibuya – which are themselves the two other coolest going-out districts in all of Tokyo.

When in Yoyogi, check out the park itself, and the Harajuku bridge where all the random folks do cosplay (dressing up like real life anime characters) – it’s a trip. Then head east for a second and check out Takeshita Dori, the street of a million crazy couture clothing stores. Nuts.


2) Rock Shibuya, particularly the Hachiko intersection and surrounds. Shibuya boasts the world’s busiest intersection (which allows for eight-way people crossings all at once), and the Hachiko dog statue is the on place in all of Tokyo where you can actually plan to meet someone and find them. ‘Nuff said.

3) Shinjuku – if you go to the old prostitutes’ disctrict (old like, where the prostitutes used to hang out in the 1800’s) you can party ’til the break of dawn. You can also go to a 24-hour public bath on the 30th floor of a crazy hotel building and look down on the WHOLE city at 3 AM or whatever from the top of a super-hot jacuzzi pool, all for a couple of bucks. Unreal.
(No photo… sorry.)

4) Eat sushi until your face explodes.
Otsukare-sama deshita!

I = jealous. Have fun.