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I Miss You Terribly

It’s true, I’m terrible at missing you.
So bad, in fact, that I’ve been asked to leave

for fear of contagious terribleness,
as if protracted apathy could be

a deadly new emotional disease.
It is believed by those who know such things

that my lack of general interest
in the business of missing you proves

the existence of corrosive nodes, or
at the very least blackened valves through which

no blood can flow, though doctors hold high hopes
that exploration of the dark places

may yet reveal a temporary cure,
so I might miss you terribly no more.


Like a great hurricane, liberated
from an oppressive ocean; a typhoon
petulantly tossing threshers and small
boats through coastal farmland storage silos;
a gluttonous earthquake, your appetite

hardly sated after gorging on roads
and unsound foundations; a black angel,
cracked wings bent over a battle of five
armies, tasked to assassinate the sun;

an order to evacuate homes known
to harbor enemies of the nation,
race traitors and chemical bomb makers;

a magnificent blight and a treasure—
the limits of your greed know no better.