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Old White T-Shirt

Toy Story ruined me. What I believe
was already a troubling fixation
on the personification of most
inanimate objects—action figures,
faded jeans, Ninja Turtles sheets—turned to
a full blown manifestation of my
crazier than I’d like to say outlook
on life. It’s why I can’t stand to comply
when Spring cleaning comes around. I’m so down
for cleanliness, I’m not a hoarder, but
with borderline useful or wearable
clothes, sweatshirts over ten years old, many-
holed shoes, anything that was ever new,
I hate that they might feel abandoned, too.

Stop Trying to Make ‘Fetch’ Happen, It’s Not Going to Happen

I will throw you away, and maybe some
beast will bring you back, and it will be fun
for a while, my attempts to wrest you from
his jaws, and I’ll hold you for a moment,

and I’ll pretend you’re mine, and I’ll think of
how thrillingly blissful life is, what a
wonderful day this has turned out to be,
and we’ll live perfectly in the moment

for those several consecutive nows
before the beast starts barking, and jumping,
and clawing, and I am forced to throw you
away again, and maybe the beast won’t

bring you back this time.


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