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You Are The New One

You, the new one
Addressed in your sleep
Addressed by a Dream Shifter,
He, The Morpher in his Wisdom
And shepherded here by the Trinity
Now may you awaken to the truth
If you choose the pill of  truth
Truth you have been fed
You were fed yourself
Fed by the Machine
Marching upon
Endless spine
A mirror book
Of endless time
In a digital age
Teach yourself
See for yourself
Learn on your own
Be reborn in reflection
Look through the keyhole.

Salem Reboot

I’ve been call’d
‘Just a cell phone’
‘Pocket PC’ and more
Hoarded by Craigslist’ers
And stolen from the store

As a robot
I’ve been display’d
As a robot
I’ve been betray’d

I’ve been prototype’d
In Beta stage
Scathed upon the critic’s page
Remodeled after market rage
Made overseas for lower wage

As  a robot
I’ve been debut’d
As a robot
I’ve been unscrew’d

I’ve got new operating systems
Ice Cream Android OS
My Windows see the Galaxy
But you only love me
For my chess

As a robot
You get retooled
As a robot
You get Bejeweled

They’ve plugged me in to sockets
Electrons charged my brain
They’ve fed me bits and bytes
And ram to stop the strain

As a robot
I’ve been restyled
As a robot
I’ve been witch-trial’d

I’ve been
Fully water tested
Weighed against a duck
Tied to stakes and roasted
But no one has such luck

If I could guess
Instead of algorithms
I would say
Don’t beat ’em
Just go with ’em