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Auto Bahn

Dude ked, come on down to the Auto Bahn,
we got some stupid good deals fah ya heah.
There’s like, I don’t know, a wicked lotta
cahs heah, I’m sure you can affohd something.
And ya know, we ain’t got no rum fah em
all cus them new cahs is coming out soon,
which is fucking retahded, cus they knows
that we ain’t got rid of these damn cahs yet.

Wait, stop. Cut! Can I call cut? I’m allowed
to call cut, right? I just don’t know what my
motivation is here. So I’m just an
asshole? Isn’t that a stereotype?
Fuck that, I quit. This accent is fucking
Chris Bridges. Who talks like that, anyway?

The New Black and Blue

Hardly practical as camouflage,
nor particularly fashionable; sure,
they might work together as part
of your general ensemble, but

purple and green make for
a rather garish combination
(although I suppose that in
a world where people wear

underwear over their pants
everything is fair game).
Neither are they colors that
strike fear in the hearts of

men (super, or otherwise).
But still, so many villains
(specifically super) defer to
these shades when planning

their outfits, as if this carefully
calculated appearance could
somehow distract their enemies,
and bring their evil plans to

fruition. Perhaps the emerald
hues reflect their desires, while
shades of violet emulate the
grandeur to which they aspire.

Or perchance it’s a pact among
these superpowered malefactors
to make their allegiances known,
so when setting off on vile schemes

the protagonist knows where to go.