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Lullaby and goodnight and goodnight and
I think this is a corporation I
could run, the progressive shunning of light.
If they let me I could keep statistics
on who needed how much, whose lack of hours
were sadistic and whose were just sad facts
in their overworked life experience.
At least make me a foreman, watching the
floor from an upper office, all the world’s
employees dreaming for me, a modern
glass menagerie of swanky business
luxury keeping me company as
I inspected nocturnal delights, as
I skipped from desk to bedroom in the night.


Put me to sleep: I’m drunk on my weakness,
in need of being needy, a grievance
to those who would ever hold me or hold
me back or hold back my hair if I were
a girl or a hippie or something new.
I’m a bit delusional, and not just
from the drags. I’m addicted to the next
step in every situation, my
fix a sheer lack of gratification;
only, when I’m in the act of my wish
fulfillment I glimpse cracks of a new light.
It doesn’t have to be this way; I don’t
have to live this life. I can choose to be
or change or grow or put myself to sleep.

Marked As Spam

Subject: Re: bed for sale
From: vitospazini@yahoo.com
To: anon-66068529@craigslist.org
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2005 10:02am

hello, i saw your ad on craigs list and i am interested in your bed. i have a few conditions:

1 the bed must not be lumpy as i refuse to waste eight hours of my day sleeping on a lumpy mattress, that would be just stupid.
2 the bottom of it should not be ripped and unattractive because i do NOT like it when things are ripped and out of place and i dont need that in my house.
3 the frame should really be black and not dark brown, a lot of people say black when they mean dark brown and it pisses me off because when i want a black bed i want it black.
4 it must actually be nice, i hate it when people use words and dont mean what they say, itd be ok if the bed was not so nice but if you say it is then i really want it to be nice. im not saying you are a liar or anything, ive just been burned before and its really really frustrating.

if all of these conditions are met, i will give you your $50. if only three of them are, i will give you $35. any less and i am not interested. please call me vito and not mr. spazini. thank you.

Subject: one change
From: vitospazini@yahoo.com
To: anon-66068529@craigslist.org
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2005 11:16pm

upon further consideration and reviewing your ad one more time, i would be willing to give you $18 if two conditions are met. but not the ripped bottom. i cannot stand that. this is vito.

Subject: sorry
From: vitospazini@yahoo.com
To: anon-66068529@craigslist.org
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2005 2:18pm

hey what’s up, this is vito again. i wrote you earlier about the bed and i sort of went off the handle i guess. i just wanted to apologize, there was no need for that. im sure your bed is very nice and you arent a liar or anything. its just been a rough week and well i guess you can tell im not in the best place. im sure you arent that interested in selling me your bed now cuz i sound crazy. but, anyway, sorry for all that.

ps: my sliding price scale is still in effect.

Subject: thanks
From: vitospazini@yahoo.com
To: anon-66068529@craigslist.org
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2005 9:12pm

hi. it’s vito. i just wanted to thank you. i know that you could have like reported me or whatever, but it means a lot to me you didnt. im sure you already sold the bed and that it was great for whoever got it, and you werent lying about it at all. i appreciate that honesty. i dont see it often. anyway, i know i apologized, but i havent slept well. i guess that won’t change. you can keep not writing back. i know you are supportive anyway. it’s nice to get that sometimes. good luck with your new bed.


Since I was small I have fantasized
about sleeping in furniture stores,
taking refuge in bedroom displays,
coming in from somewhere dark
and cold and finding a
perfectly-made bed.

There has never been much in the way of backstory.
I have never been as interested in the details of flight
as the destination – the furniture store – and the bed,

which ideally should be as far away
from the front windows as possible.
This fantasy is not about being watched
while I sleep; it’s about sleeping, about
sleeping in artificial environments,

about sleeping in a bed that’s not
been made for the purpose of sleeping,
but rather – better – to sell the idea of slumber.

An Ode to Sleep

Deep sleep,
Far from the moors

Where you rest,
Shallow waters’
Waves crest

And send you
To see me

Peaking above
White-capped tears
Shed long ago

By the ocean blue,
On weary legs
I stand and

Shaky feet
Are all I see,
Find me soon

I drift everywhere
And nowhere
Without you.