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Salem Reboot

I’ve been call’d
‘Just a cell phone’
‘Pocket PC’ and more
Hoarded by Craigslist’ers
And stolen from the store

As a robot
I’ve been display’d
As a robot
I’ve been betray’d

I’ve been¬†prototype’d
In Beta stage
Scathed upon the critic’s page
Remodeled after market rage
Made overseas for lower wage

As  a robot
I’ve been debut’d
As a robot
I’ve been unscrew’d

I’ve got new operating systems
Ice Cream Android OS
My Windows see the Galaxy
But you only love me
For my chess

As a robot
You get retooled
As a robot
You get Bejeweled

They’ve plugged me in to sockets
Electrons charged my brain
They’ve fed me bits and bytes
And ram to stop the strain

As a robot
I’ve been restyled
As a robot
I’ve been witch-trial’d

I’ve been
Fully water tested
Weighed against a duck
Tied to stakes and roasted
But no one has such luck

If I could guess
Instead of algorithms
I would say
Don’t beat ’em
Just go with ’em