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The Seed Within

This fallen apple
From our tree of knowledge,
Son of silicone,

Bringer of technology,
Adopted son of America,
Father of so much
We use to see,

Sleek stylist with a stylus,
Will your robot children
Weep for you?

We could ask no more of you,
Desktop bringer,
Jukebox maker,
High-tech world mover, shaker,

Decades of slimming
Metals and plastics
Saw your own earthly form,

Plastic, in it’s own way
Elastic, stretch and slim,
You, giving your life

To the century,
Living to Six and Fifty,
A booming Baby Boomer
Blooming in the fast lane,

An entire generation
Saving for their own century
And him spending so much toil on us,

Ere it not for him,
What tunes
Would sound your picnic?

What phone would we queue to see?
What small manner of monopoly
Would then rule our digitality?

Huzzah, a man has lived,
And empires did he build,
Einsteinian perspiration

Fueled his inspiration,
The World of Macintosh,
Icons of creativity,

From this knight
Of trade mark white
Lending us his legacy,

We thank you,
For continuing while rich,
We thank you for caring

Who with PC will switch,
We talked about your product
Like no other before,

I dare you, gentle reader,
Name Gates and but one more,
Upon your final rest

Your reputation stands,
Behold! Symbol of power,
The Apple rules the land.