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Massage Table

Apparently I am not able to
relax, even in allotted timespans,
even in dedicated spaces with
paid hands pressed against my stress-balled places,
even in the most serene locations,
inspiration being even more of
a burden when allowed complete domain,
total reign over my conscious thinking
processes, mind cleared of other nonsense
but flooded with plot devices and short
character studies, scene outlines and long
procrastinated fictional inner
discussions, and with nothing else to do,
I work until the relaxing time’s through.

Hotel Room

I want to be left alone most the time,
no questions asked, a silent traveller
checking in at the faux marble front desk,
unpacking my mini-toiletries bag,
laying back on the overwhite pillows
and planning god knows what next, whatever
I like, or nothing if it pleases me,
a trip to the lobby bar and a long
evening reading or enjoying the
fancy flat screen in my room equally
appealing. I don’t need the company
of strangers, the kindness of those closest
to me will usually suffice, but
getting to be alone sometimes is nice.