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In the frozen cattle line of colorful neighbors,
standing in silence to save their own steam
as the frost grows across their forgettable faces
each braving the odd bureaucratic machines,
I suddenly understand why my father votes Republican.

Pure Veterans

Something something profound
something poignant about war
without being arrogant, jingoistic,
flag-wavin’ Merkin, patriotic
without patronizing, proud
without pandering sentiment.
Maybe some deep symbolism,
how we’re all pure veterans
in the war against maturity,
fascism, adolescence, truth,
or whichever boycotted brand —
but again, without belittling
the ones who’ve held guns,
walked through hails of bullets,
faced unspeakable horrors
in the name of a fight for
abstract, unphysical concepts
which mean all of a world
to those who still have one.

New Girlfriend

I had a new girlfriend,
with lips full and bright,
but then I lost my job
and she had no insight

on where to find work,
and so even though
she said she’d support me,
I told her to go.

So I got a new girlfriend
with much bigger eyes
but she wanted a choice
for her dinner one night.

I said that was cute, but
I knew what she wanted.
She stormed off and left me
right back where I started.

So I got a new girlfriend,
and things were so great
until we had a baby, which
kind of ruined our dates.

It cost too much cash
to provide for all three,
and I felt I deserved to
keep all my own money

So I got a new girlfriend
who cost me no more
until the end of the night –
just another cheap whore.

And then she made me ill,
so I found me another
who could take care of me
like a boy and his mother.

Then things got all weird
when she felt like I owed her
for helping me heal,
so I found me another

new girlfriend, just like
that first one long ago,
but she still wasn’t perfect
so she still had to go.