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Bamboo View

Seagull, dread beach fowl
Wings like a wet towel
Seal flippers on a dove
Swim the sky high above


It once was poets were secret sharers.
We had the facts and we voted obscure
references and high emotional
intelligence. We left it all to be
discovered, teaching men to fish for words
and women to fish for equality.
The lines are all different lengths and the
stanzas fat or short or unmeasured or
strictly structured, but each poem ending
eventually, often by its own
hand. But there are no secrets anymore.
We have nothing left to share but old rhymes
and dusty structures, as though metaphors
were heirlooms we found in a steamer trunk.

Milky Way Sonnet

Picture, to know how huge our universe
A constellation catalogue of our galaxy
With every penny in Uncle Sam’s purse
We could buy them all for five and twenty
We each would own eight hundred stars
Spanning planets spinning, radiating heat
To patrol these stars in our own space cars
Five and sixty years, all to work one beat
Thirty days a star, systems gone come June
Time flies eight hundred months in space
Earth’s visit but a selfie from the honeymoon
A bright blueberry pie beside your face
In a catalogue some dusty prop for photoshop
Precious Milky Way for sale, twenty five a pop


I haven’t written a poem in days,
the kind of break that could easily turn
into an extended bout of malaise,
antipathy towards anything that could
be word related. I’m playing chicken
with the universe, expecting it to
blink first, capitulate and create a
wonderful life for me, yearly book deals
and high royalties, a long series of
celestial gifts I’ve earned for being
such a good boy, such a well-behaved child
of the world. It’ll come now, any day.
There’s no need for me to participate.
I am the master of coincidence.

The Future Has A Price

Out the window
Above, airplanes
Tailor-made for speed

So fast the people move
The blue sky seems
Turned white

Out with Windows
Install Macs

Cut, copy, paste
Your quick keys bend
My thumb

Fridge Magnet March

Within the sea of mist
A dream plays
A thousand times

Raw & luscious as

Of her swimming
Beauty there

I sing deliriously
In whisper
Cool and sweet

The Prince of Eternia

For outside of Grayskull castle walls
Like a mouth the drawbridge hangs
Undead cavalry bent on darkest deed
Advance in nightfall amid the ghouls

With bang of shield and lance atop a
Steed so very limber rides the dread
Form of Skeletor his cross campaign
So foul to shake the boards of timber

Above the omen Blood moon wails
As horse and soldier clack the nails
Inside steadfast Adam unbowed sees
Pause of charge as governor leans he

Stoops to moat that circles tower to
Wash like shower clean his hands for
All to see then horde abandoned off
He flees as legion footfall storms yet

Unshook Eternal prince transforms
Before a rider reach his lonely tower
So swift he rises tall he roars by the
Power of Grayskull I have the power.