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Happy Marathon Monday

Patriots Day: a holiday unlike any other. Which is especially suspicious when you consider that the rest of the country gets both Veterans Day AND Memorial Day — what’s the difference, besides the season? —but only Massachusetts celebrates Patriots Day. A day in which the state government shuts down, along with most other businesses (including the one by which I am employed), all so that a bunch of Ethiopians can run 26.2 miles and win a million bucks while the rest of us drink mimosas and Bud Light in solo cups on the street.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been drinking since 11am today, and I’m about to leave for the IRNE Awards, where I will continue to drink even more (my company was nominated for 27 awards!) so you’re probably not going to get a post worth much of a while out of me today. Tune in next week for more (hopefully) sober literature!