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Other: NSFT

I hate road performing. You know this. But I just had to bite the ammo and take care of some business at a restaurant tonight. And I gotta say: it was probably the best, most fulfilling poop I’ve ever had. Certainly the best experience I’ve had in an away game. In, out, and still feeling refreshed over an hour later. I even had dessert.

Sorry, this is gross. You were the person I could tell these things about. Figured you wouldn’t mind hearing it. Or at least you’d understand that there’s no one else I could tell.


Other: Holiday spirit

It might be for the best that you weren’t at that party. This guy Hank, one of Matthew’s friends, showed up with some dudes he had met on the subway. Everyone thought they were gonna, like, take our silverware or something. As if our silverware wasn’t plasticware. Words were exchanged. It got ugly. Did not fit the solstice mood, you know? Wish you could have been there – you would have laughed your ass off, for sure.


Other: Par (+) tay

Hey, we have a party going on Sunday night at the house. A pre-holiday kind of thing. No sweater required. My roommates now are a little weird, but I think you’d dig them. Maybe not their friends, but it’ll be something to talk about, at least. Let me know if you want to swing by.


Other: J&R

Have you heard from Bridgit? She just told me a completely insane story about what Joel and Rick have been up to. If you know, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not – man, I can’t do justice to it over email. This requires vocal inflection and a few crucial hand gestures. Seriously…it’s nuts.


Other: Down with Cobblepot

I know I’m talking out of turn, but I really think you’ll appreciate this: today at work, I was talking about Sam, this portly older dude who has a perfectly round gut, a shiny bald head, a sharp nose, and a comforting waddle in his walk.  I told a couple co-workers how he reminded me of The Penguin.  They all chuckled, and totally got it.  (Non-humble brag?)  Anyway, turns out Sam totally over heard (or maybe Karen told him later; she’s a blabber), and I guess was really hurt.  I felt a little bad, since I was calling out his gut and that nose, mainly.  But he should know what he looks like.  Then I realized he probably wasn’t thinking of the comics or Burgess Meredith, neither a master boss man or a wacky schemer.  He thought of DeVito and grotesque flipper fingers.  I blame a lack of culture.  And Nolan for not using Philip Seymour Hoffman, like we said he should.

What did you think of Rises, anyway? I dug it, flaws and all. Definitely need to watch the Blu I bought. Maybe I’ll have an occasion to do that sometime.


Other: Coffee? Caramels?

Wow, hey, great to run into you.  How random was that? Cities always seem so big, but then. Anyway, you really need to check out that academic tumbler thing. The gifs are hilarious. It will definitely remind you of our seminars and Dr. Xena.

Maybe we can meet up and get coffee or whatever. It’s really been a while. Let me know when you’re free. Man, fate, right?

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