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Darwin Packs For Two Years At Sea – An Early Draft

From the desk of Charles Darwin,
17 Spring Gardens,
London, England
November, 1831
In preparation for the occasion of the journey
Aboard the H.M.S. Beagle
The following items are in need of purchase:

Hard tack – one year’s supply
Tea bags – twenty-four month’s supply (3x daily)
Hourglass – one, able to resist ship’s tilt of 30 degrees (minimum)
Quills plus ink plus inkwell – appropriate for four paper reams

Parchment paper – four reams
Matches – three boxes of five hundred
Candles – with spare wicks, twelve boxes of one hundred
Night mask – cloth-and-silk, pref. silk only

Spyglass – collapsable, brass-only
Calendar  – monthly pages for two (2) years
Sextant – in nautical miles
Trunk for contents – one, metal and leather, weather-proof, rust-proof

Brush – general purpose
Umbrella – sturdy leather
Trenchcoat – suitable for gales, gusts, blustery weather
Map – one, scrolled

Leather desk-topper – 100cm width
Magnifying glass – 14cm diameter
Belt – reptile, pref. same (one piece) – one piece, waist 75cm
Sporting cap – medium

Waistcoat – one, blue, else corduroy brown,  gentlemen’s tall
Hunting knife – one, large
Jars – mason, seven dozen
Limes- one bag

Evening sweaters – two, cable-knit, one red, one blue
Slippers – one pair, fur-lined
Leather jacket – sturdy pockets with reinforced stitching
Grooming kit – nail trimmers,  beard scissors,

Suspenders – one pair plus repair kit
Boots – two pair, Wellingtons preferred, else a mid-calf
Butterfly net – one, plus net repair kit
Pocket watch – one, brass with chain

Lap blanket – sturdy, weatherproof, (one that’s made for rain)
Flintlock pistols – two, box set of, with one bag powder, one box balls
Sleeping outfit – one, one-piece
Dining set – knife, fork, soup spoon, cloth napkin, bowl, plate, two each of

Monocle – large with chain and accompanying ear piece
Scrap book – three, one hundred pages per
Socks – a must, thick-knit wool, seven pair, sturdy fabric for nautical travel
Trousers – three pair, brass buttons only, pockets – front AND BACK

Addendum: make the socks black
Undershorts – seven pair, medium, white
Cheese wheel – one, yellow or orange (not white)
Undershirts – four, white, mid-sleeve

Paste – for teeth
Cravatte – one, ruffled, else neckerchief
Rum – Captain’s grade (special occasion’s only) – twelve month’s supply
Barometer – English made ONLY

Button-down Oxfords – five (if budget allows)
Spice assortment – one pound (salt, pepper, various)
Silver chalice, one – polished and stainless steel acceptable if no silver found
Doubloons – Spanish, remainder of funds

Addendum: Compass
Cod Liver Oil

All further considerations to be added below.


On the Origin of Reese’s

by Means of Natural Selection, or
the Preservation of Favored Tastes in
the Struggle for Life

1—Variation Under Domestication

Peanut butter cups
are eaten in many different ways,
depending on the home in which the cup
is found.

2—Variation Under Nature

A peanut butter cup eaten
outdoors becomes soggy in the rain,
but melts if left for too long in the sun.

3—Struggle for Existence

The first cups were made by H. B. Reese back
in 1928, but he merged with
the Hershey Company in ’63.

4—Natural Selection

You might enjoy Big Cups, but your sister
might prefer Dark Chocolate, or even
NutRageous bars.

5—Laws of Variation

People do not enjoy
their preferred peanut butter cups by chance,
but due to some predisposed condition.

6—Difficulties on Theory

But then, should there not be an infinite
number of peanut butter cup types and


That’s my gut reaction.


There are indeed many varieties:
White Chocolate, Caramel, Inside Out,
the cute little mini-cups.

9—On the Imperfection of the Geological Record

It’s quite hard
to keep track of every single cup
you’ve ever eaten.

10—On the Geological Succession of Organic Beings

You may not know this,
but there are actually other types
of candy in the world, and some even
contain peanut butter and chocolate.

11—On Geographical Distribution

I hear those Cadbury guys make a mean
fruit and nut bar.

12—On Geographical Distribution continued

It is interesting
to note, however, that Hershey’s holds a
license to manufacture Cadbury
chocolate products in the USA.

13—Mutual Affinities of Organic Beings: Morphology: Embryology: Rudimentary Organs

Good chocolate is just good chocolate.

14—Recapitulation and Conclusion

Almost all confections today retain
a common sugary ancestor, and
many still claim direct descent from milk,
cocoa beans, and George Washington Carver.