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Citrus is the word
For plants that flower
Oranges, Lemons
Grapefruits, Limes

Since ancient times
Tangerines are in there

Evergreen shrubs
With spiny shoots
Their fruit covered
In a zesty leather

Do they make
Lemon couches?
Spur heeled boots
Of orange peels?

These coastal growers
Fight scurvy
The little-known
Buddha’s hand stretches
In pell-mell clusters
Like squid tentacles

Piling goodness
In autumn shade
Peel a seedless
Clementine, a
Complex aroma
To enjoy.

Some Days, You Know

It’s not the heat of sweat
And not the effort of it all
It’s not the inconvenience

What adults try to say
When they blurt out
Recycled tin junk

In their phrase
‘No pain no gain’
Lawn mowers buzz

Summer short on bees
Electricity, hot metal
Keep Mother Nature

In check. It’s our job
Some days, you know
Not let her get too big

For her garden breeches
The rabbits do their part
Nibble at what they can

Watch beneath the sumac
For outstretched clutches
Of birds that circle flowers

Or the next Sunday mulch
Enjoy the chews of clover
In bramble warren shade.

No Mountain Without Climbing

Oh, how far beyond,
Within my garden walls
I look to mountains

With a stare. This is no way
To reach the stars.
Have you a ladder?

I have planted bamboo.
I will wait for time to build.
Only then, I climb

Where proved by silver moon
My house is built
On mountains

I am there!
Did the ladder make the mountains?
And oh, the starry view.

Picture It

A Blue Jay hops
In my autumn garden
From the fence

To the red wood chips
Don’t photograph me
He says among the green

I’m not in the lens
I’m the tail feathers I preen
You can’t capture

The summer song I sing
The way I hop
So the spots

Of colors blend
The  blue
And the white

Winters I’ve seen
And with each picture
I am forever

A machine thing
I am forever
Blue and white

Don’t photograph me
Remember me
Until the spring.