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A Date With Molly Ringwald

At first she resists my urge to be herself. I don’t
Know who you think I am those are just pictures
They’re not really me not me now y’know? Yeah
I say although I know they  wrote the parts for 

Her how those moments that I know are her a
Long time ago sure we were all different some
Of us changed maybe a little more I’m glad my
Own youth wasn’t captured on film. This place

Is so busy, she shifts in the chair set up beside
Crowded tables, the barista clacks a mug and
Gives somebody wifi. Now her eyes are out the
Window for a pause I breathe then she sees in

Marker my name on a hot chocolate whip cream
Lids off the cups, on hers colored lipstick and the
Words Sixteen Candles, she sees me look to look
Away only to look back, smile, stare, blink, grin

She takes a sip, it’s an excuse to think how she’s
Not sixteen anymore. She sips to look at me, her
Lips, her nose crinkles, her eyes twinkle amber
Energy at the thought I know that look it looks 

At first like disapproval I know she’s coy that’s
The appeal not that at however old she is now she
Reminds me of looking pretty in pink it’s that she
Was first of all the girls to look so pretty in pink

So grown up, all the girls before her knew she
Was a woman. She looks up, laughs it’s so weird
For a second there I felt nervous like I was in
High school like you wanted me to be a teenage

Version of me and I realized it’s just me that
Thinks that and she smiles, we each take a real
Sip now the talk is real and what I want is all in
Reach like we’re both sixteen, invincible, like

A soundtrack cues to tell you we are different
Now, no longer i
And we’re too wise to care I smile, stare look
Away, let the moment sink, look back, blink.