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Reflection Echo

If there’s no such thing as a vacuum
What then cleaned my carpets?
Hyperdrive a blink away

These Pyramid builder’s children
Space age thoughts ablaze
Are claiming well-spaced particles
Will drive the new space age

Secret wars of micro teams
Particles that appear to beam
Away the need for fuel

Leave it to the desert
Rich in sands of oil
To cleanse our thirsty habit

 Of drinking from the soil
Reflections of reflections bounce
These particles to action

If you think you’ve got the gist
Rethink! You know
But a refraction.

The Manic Mirror Maid of Massachusetts Avenue

Mirror, mirror, in your hand:
(one reflection if by land)
tell me, of the two you see,
who is fairest — you, or me?

Is there some thing you hope to spy,
echoed in your own two eyes?
What is it that you pray to find
in those of us who walk behind

you — enemies, or maybe friends?
The prospect of your madness’ end?
Three blocks walked in every way,
along the same cow path each day,

both ways looked when crossing streets —
the fate you left as fate you meet.
But sallow glass won’t keep you safe
from that which lies beyond your face.