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Magic Cards

Sometimes the mental fantasy isn’t
enough; there has to be an artistic
depiction of our imaginings on
cardboard stock so we can battle like we’re
the coolest kids on the block. (Hint: we’re not.)
But unlike most spell-slingers, I think I’m
mostly pleased that magic doesn’t crackle
from our fingers like electricity,
that humans rely on technology,
that we can’t simply conjure up this beast
to deflect our foes and do god knows what
else, that we can’t magically improve
ourselves, because I’ll just go right out and
say: I don’t trust wizards much anyway.

Sound The Song of Nature

Today I listened
As a musician’s
Turntable played
A disc of wood

It played with
No needle
Pop or click


 Is this what
Clarke understood?
Music from
A laser as

Tree rings made
Piano strings
Sound the song
Of nature.