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My Friends Who Don’t Have Student Loans

Marco said let’s get away fly away my dad took me once
this place man so cool I’d love to go back check it out I met
this girl there oh man so hot seriously hot body like holy
shit you would not believe let’s call her up hop a plane grab a

drink go somewhere Hong Kong Beijing Bangladesh who cares let’s go
let’s jet get away cool off blow some steam can’t take this man this
shit this school job life shit so lame so done I need this you need
this weekend week tops couple weeks get away Thailand Bangkok’s

nice man see that girl get you one get you two shit man fine then
somewhere else anywhere Venice good no maybe Istanbul
Kathmandu somewhere mountains monkeys temples monsoons let’s go
let’s see some shit some crazy shit Great Wall Taj Mahal someplace

while we’re still young no wife no kids no bills no rules this is life
let’s go live abroad couple months year tops anywhere anywhere
do it now tell our kids grandkids neighbor’s kids write books stories
man before we’re dead too old too married let’s say we did

pyramids outback Singapore Shanghai Burma man Auckland
somewhere raise sheep tend bar climb shit see shit how about eat bugs
ride camels fight bulls snake boats rickshaws jai alai just us guys
this weekend maybe summer maybe cricket maybe picture:

you me
backpacks passports
slowly learning
elephant polo.