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Overview Effect

They say the astronaut’s heart grows
Exultant in her grace
The change palpable
As a newborn to her mother

Held before your eyes
Your home planet
One hundred miles away
Whether you’re above or beyond

Who can say
Some distant sunlit dome of seas and gold
At times the top of a beach umbrella
Or a Cheshire Cat grin

At the boundaries of space
Whole, untethered, connected
More than ever
To the contours of her glowing face.

Life Is a Suitcase

Daybreak in a
Closed  airport lounge bar
A delivery boy passes, catches
First flight, new stretchy orange
Magic suitcase on hand;
Empty, he wants to bring it back
Maybe let it out,
Never return at all,
Fill it with souvenirs from
Afar. Years peel by, one last time he
Flies and an X-ray technician
Flags this


Brimming with
Where you
Man, nice tan, where
You been,
And where’d
You get
Those clothes