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The Cricket Indoors

After much investigation
Of the window screen ajar
With a leap he is soon inside

His heartbeat
Racing, counting
The sound of wings

Like a concerto
Every verse, chorus
Bridge about a woman

And the heat of the night
The sheets where he reads
With antennae cricket music

Atop foreign land
So new his song pauses
He pounces! Glides!

The cricket indoors

Afoot rich textures
Turn calligraphy
For the mind

Carpet a kingmaker
His tales absorb
Back outside

He says,
“Freshly vacuumed.”

“I am the forest,”
He declares,

And forever

California Rises

In the twentieth century
California had bursts.
No steady incline of New
York or Chicago, in the
Days before skyscrapers

Bronzed homemakers
Sold from old photographs
Of palm trees cast across
The skies in sunset’s
Orange race gold-panners’
Dreams into hearts of
Heat-stroked Okies

And dust-coated folks
Whose wheels turn states
Into history with the coast
Of empty tanks anchored
In the fumes of beaches,

And one century later
It’s silver screen’s
Fame-trumpet that
Reaches appetites dying

To win this national
Game or retrace the
Sunrise to the place where
They came. California,
You hope-creator,
You awaken
American Dreams .


like a cat in a corner…

He says that those days are gone,

And I tell him I’m well aware,

That I’ve said my so longs,

I just saw these regrets coming from elsewhere.

I explain I want not for nostalgia to become tangible;

Asking not for the heartache to get worse.

It just those days creep in so resiliently forceful,

Giving way to canyons worth of memories to traverse.

I fret over loyal shouts which have turned to whispers,

Those constant companions who now are but peripheral shadows,

I muse over the thought I could be a fastener,

A maestro to keep us all in synchronized tempo.

He restates that those days are gone,

And I tell him it is still deserving of pause.

That all the kinships we had set upon,

Should be worth enough to produce some cause.

Another example I am told of having a want to believe,

That things can get better when you wear your heart on your sleeve.