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Election Day Haiku

No sonnet today,
but don’t let that crushing news
stop you from voting!

The 25th, Morning

Branches dance and sway
The sounds we call Christmas music
Your brown hair in the wind

Selling Fear

A two-for-one deal;
limited-time offer, and
no discounts apply.

Our brand new brand of
terror comes loaded with tons
of great new features.

Yes, that’s right folks; you
too can have a life of fear
and paranoia.

Don’t miss out on this
special once-in-a-lifetime

Resolved (Delayed): A Haiku

New year, new plan: post
work here on time always. (It’s 
still December, right?)

Movie Haiku

If movies are drinks
Chinatown is a real splash
Jack and water, rocks

Become Our Newest 5×500 Writer! A Contest Announcement in Haiku

Much to our dismay,
5×500’s Sunday,
Nicole, is leaving.

We are very sad,
but life goes on, and now we
need a new Sunday.

Think you’d be great as
our new 5×500
contributor? Well,

this is your lucky
day. Submit a piece of prose,
poetry, whatev,

for a chance to join
our esteemed literary
ranks. Stop laughing. Sheesh.

Make sure it’s under
500 words (duh) and that
we get it before

Christmas so we have
time to go through submissions
before the New Year.

Also let us know
what you would do with the space.
Email all that to

at gmail dot com or to
thomdunn at gmail

dot com. We can’t wait
to read your pieces! Good luck,
and thanks for reading!

Friend or Foe?

Seeing Adam Ant.
Catching a bus very soon.
Stand and deliver!