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Don’t Go Home/I Like You Right Here

Anna: hi

Matt: Hey

Why just “hi”?

Anna: am i that transparent

Matt: Stop. What’s going on?

Anna: Why didn’t you stay?

Matt: What do you mean? huh?

Anna: …

Matt: I’m not playing dumb, Anna.

Help me out here.

Anna: why didn’t you wait with me at the bus

until it left

i was the girl whose boyfriend didn’t wait with her at the bus

now i am the girl on the bus whose boyfriend didn’t wait with her at the bus

Matt: Okay two things

First off. You are neither of these things unless you choose to be these things.

Anna: ok well actually you made me these things. i am actually just choosing to have this discussion the bus wifi

Matt: Don’t you think this is a little crazy to talk about this now? I feel like you just said this was. That comment pretty much just said that.

Anna: dont you know better then to call your girlfriend crazy


Matt: haha

Anna: Don’t laugh.

Matt: I’m just laughing that you still corrected your grammar in the middle of all of this.

Anna: …

Matt: Okay, or not. Noted.

Anna: …

Matt: I don’t know. It just…it didn’t really cross my mind to wait? I don’t know. The bus was going to leave in 10 minutes and it seemed like, sort of, I don’t know. Sort of clingy.

I think I didn’t want you to think I was being clingy or parental or something.

Anna: are you lying? were you sick of me?

Matt: we spent the entire weekend in bed together. How could I be sick of you?

Anna: because we spent the entire weekend in bed together

Matt: is this actually about me not waiting with you?

because if there’s something else you can tell me

we’re going to have a lot to get used to

this is a big adjustment

Anna: Yes. dont therapize me.

Matt: I love you.

Anna: I love you but you shouldn’t have left if we only have so much time together now.

and you shouldn’t force us to have conversations like this here.

Matt: if you ever feel like you have to add a qualifier after you say “I love you” then

Anna: …