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Election Day Haiku

No sonnet today,
but don’t let that crushing news
stop you from voting!

A View to a Kill

My life is a James Bond subplot, my view
of women cinematic. As one vies
for my affections—maybe baking pies
wistfully; yet striving—my body pins
another to her bed, rocking the pine
boards, casting miasmal shadows, our pile
of rent fabric forgotten with her pill,
nothing more than a frame of time to kill.

New Girlfriend

I had a new girlfriend,
with lips full and bright,
but then I lost my job
and she had no insight

on where to find work,
and so even though
she said she’d support me,
I told her to go.

So I got a new girlfriend
with much bigger eyes
but she wanted a choice
for her dinner one night.

I said that was cute, but
I knew what she wanted.
She stormed off and left me
right back where I started.

So I got a new girlfriend,
and things were so great
until we had a baby, which
kind of ruined our dates.

It cost too much cash
to provide for all three,
and I felt I deserved to
keep all my own money

So I got a new girlfriend
who cost me no more
until the end of the night –
just another cheap whore.

And then she made me ill,
so I found me another
who could take care of me
like a boy and his mother.

Then things got all weird
when she felt like I owed her
for helping me heal,
so I found me another

new girlfriend, just like
that first one long ago,
but she still wasn’t perfect
so she still had to go.

Yes, We Can!

We can hope. We can love. We can respect.
We can peaches. We can garbanzo beans.
We can those creepy little baby corns.
We can peas. We can diced carrots. We can
tomato puree, water, high fructose
corn syrup, wheat flour, citric
acid, salt, and potassium chloride.
We can cooked enriched pasta with meatballs.

We can chicken broth, corn, cooked white chicken
meat, potatoes, celery, and onions.
We can diet shakes. We can pumpkin pie.
We can hope. We can love. We can respect.
We also box, bottle, and sometimes jar,
but yes, we can, better than anyone.