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A Month Of Sun Days

Mayan calendars of the past
Ones with kitten photographs
Both kept time on pause
Neither made to last forever

Is that the genius of it ?
The hand of ancient man
Reaching for the stars
Turning them to treasure

Stage-lighting our sky
Reminding modern humankind
Who think we can’t
Be too sure

There are more great days
On this sun-bathed paradise
It’s our turn
To paint tomorrow

Fashion stellar patterns
From galactic gems aglow
Pin a broach of hope
Upon the land

Come up with a new
Time shorthand
Let us all get
Back to the future.

Overview Effect

They say the astronaut’s heart grows
Exultant in her grace
The change palpable
As a newborn to her mother

Held before your eyes
Your home planet
One hundred miles away
Whether you’re above or beyond

Who can say
Some distant sunlit dome of seas and gold
At times the top of a beach umbrella
Or a Cheshire Cat grin

At the boundaries of space
Whole, untethered, connected
More than ever
To the contours of her glowing face.