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Space Mountain

What a beautiful place, space. Infinite
possibilities for so many good memories,
and to plunge at rocket speed
through the Vincent van Gogh night on a ride
made by a cartoon mouse creator is
as insane as it sounds. So I guess this
is the alternate universe where a
man and his drawing hand can rule the world
even after death, but speeding through this
fabricated eternity chamber
is the greatest inspiration, and not
to write, or to Live Life, but to be fine
with whatever comes later: Paradise,
darkness, full color reincarnation…


The churros are three-fifty each,
and the wait’s an hour plus
for a 30 second ride.  Imagineers
design from exit to gift shop, hiding
painful prices on Made-in-China goods.
The newer rides are built on land
dear Disney stole from farmers, but I don’t care
if it’s a corporate brothel of manufactured joy;
it’s my childhood.
At least, it’s the parts I want
to remember.  It’s where
my family never fights.
It’s where the illusion is okay.
It’s a place that hurts my bank account,
but it’s worth the brief escape.  I know
Tinkerbell’s hanging from a wire,
but just let her light the castle.
Let some kid wish
on a firework star
while he’s still a kid.