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Citrus is the word
For plants that flower
Oranges, Lemons
Grapefruits, Limes

Since ancient times
Tangerines are in there

Evergreen shrubs
With spiny shoots
Their fruit covered
In a zesty leather

Do they make
Lemon couches?
Spur heeled boots
Of orange peels?

These coastal growers
Fight scurvy
The little-known
Buddha’s hand stretches
In pell-mell clusters
Like squid tentacles

Piling goodness
In autumn shade
Peel a seedless
Clementine, a
Complex aroma
To enjoy.

Buddha’s Hand In The West

I saw the hand of Buddha
In a produce aisle
In California

Gnarly yellow fingers
Bursting from the center
Hinting at ancient wisdom

Gardener’s secrets
Years of sweat-strong labor
Wave at those who notice

While others look to the
Apple or some
Bananas forĀ nourishment

Passing by
On the treasures
Of the Orient

Those who know
What makes them grow
Revel in the zest.