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like a cat in a corner…

He says that those days are gone,

And I tell him I’m well aware,

That I’ve said my so longs,

I just saw these regrets coming from elsewhere.

I explain I want not for nostalgia to become tangible;

Asking not for the heartache to get worse.

It just those days creep in so resiliently forceful,

Giving way to canyons worth of memories to traverse.

I fret over loyal shouts which have turned to whispers,

Those constant companions who now are but peripheral shadows,

I muse over the thought I could be a fastener,

A maestro to keep us all in synchronized tempo.

He restates that those days are gone,

And I tell him it is still deserving of pause.

That all the kinships we had set upon,

Should be worth enough to produce some cause.

Another example I am told of having a want to believe,

That things can get better when you wear your heart on your sleeve.