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In lieu of flowers

You were my oldest friend, an avid opera
note with sorrow and flowering gardens
in abundance at her home, but the caring
lynchpin of heaven has gone out.

The business flourished, as declining
health dictates, inspiring leadership
and consummate grace throughout
his tenure, along with an ability–
an image compression algorithm–
by all of us graveside, to underwrite
a multitude of lives in private practice.

When an off-shore captive suddenly saw you
dancing due to the wartime incarceration of
flophouses, the Mobilization brought about
an extensive set of his life, plus six. Whether
it was impromptu or in her sleep at her beloved

home, a light did indeed continue her
grand humor, whose voice will be retired
to Barnegat Light, usually for the first time
in their lives. We join with many friends
she created, raised devotion to establishing
perfection, only slowing all of life throughout.

In this difficult time, we wish to extend
Dear father, a temple of understanding.
He was the devoted location on the banks,
a stalwart member. If sophistication were

a parent, her gifts to all of us will be
her willowy frame and winsome smile.
But diplomacy made him when she
was predeceased, utterly transcendent,
for sorrow will always nest where art may
never be destroyed as knows not its depth.

Dear brother, he finished chalk streams
of duck blinds on the Chesapeake, his
autumns shooting father with limitless vitality.
Returning to the beach, he would often shoot
a gargoyle in his likeness, a series of odd horse
afficionados and gin publishing glass containers.

He shaped and led the thoughtful, penetrating,
oral and artistic life of her spirited way, saw
sea duty paper the stern and waves, and the dressing
had become synonymous with her rainbow-
colored mohawk, offering psychoanalytically
informed sorrow at the passing. Bon vivant and

reposing Monday, service is scheduled for
the high school docents, retired as an itch
by first founding. A joyous scene from Die
expanded the field celebrated at Our Lady,

her warm smile cooking of dignity, gallant
courage and acumen enchantment: “Come
out right now! Include the needs, escalate
to multiply. The passing of our longtime
services are only private tools, taught to be dangerous.”