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Just as star maps turn
Atlantic tides turn
East Indies a fool’s errand

The ocean eaten by days
The crew by disbelief
The intrepid explorer

Him, faithful, relentless
Some half-eaten meal
Churning inside

As the Santa Maria
Listed, and with glint
Of sunlight on sand

The spyglass glimmer
Looks the same, yet not
As the sparkle of sea

Turns a smile of hope
For being right when wrong
For what might be

Picture It

A Blue Jay hops
In my autumn garden
From the fence

To the red wood chips
Don’t photograph me
He says among the green

I’m not in the lens
I’m the tail feathers I preen
You can’t capture

The summer song I sing
The way I hop
So the spots

Of colors blend
The  blue
And the white

Winters I’ve seen
And with each picture
I am forever

A machine thing
I am forever
Blue and white

Don’t photograph me
Remember me
Until the spring.

Peep This, My Tweeters

On the heels of the news ‘Canada to not Charge Per Gigabyte’

Throughout the history
Of humanity
Meant as little
As dry feet,

The thought of
Unlimited flat rate broadband
As oxygen,
A given,

And Granddad
Thinks “Heavens,
One price
For a whole
Band of ’em?”