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Day 9

Finally got a Sunday off,

spent it with my brother.

Good kid.  Ditched


Church with Mom

to hang with his alkie

black sheep brother.


Neither of us likes the house,

but our pale asses can’t take

the great outdoors, so


I drove us to the arcade.

We hadn’t gone there since

I was in high school.


He didn’t ask about

all this shit—like I said,

good kid—just kept


dropping tokens for

twenty dollars worth

of air hockey.


We were stupid with

that game, too intense,

knocked the puck


all the way to the

skee ball alleys.

He kicked my ass,


and it was the closest

we’ve come to normal

that I can remember.


Last time we hung out, last year,

I got him wasted on whiskey and

he took it like a champ.  Like no kid


should have to.  I mean,

I didn’t force him, but

he wanted to match me


shot for shot.  Getting drunk

was easier than talking.