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Poem for Brian McGackin

A short, simple burst of verse that appears
at first mundane, a slacker’s sonnet, a simple
twist of words that somehow still obscure these
patterns, little games of surreptitious puns and
plays on phrase that only the most astute readers
will pick up on, pick upon, between the subtle
allusions to Seal, or Harry Potter, or, inevitably,
soccer, this false banality that hides a sense
of suffering, of Guinness, of meaning that is
all too often missed though it’s clever when it
lets you in and waives its endless turnpike fees,
a strong syllabic voice that set this website
into motion, keeps my sentences on track, even
when he was kind of a dick about it; but in the end
the purpose or intention is made clear, often
through a seemingly non-sequitur saying that sneaks
in at the climax, the culmination of a short
linguistic journey that illuminates in retrospect
the bullshit lines before it: Happy Birthday.

Ode to Taylor Swift *

I can’t help it if you’ve looked like an angel
ever since you turned 18 (and just before,
too, God help me). You’re only four years younger
than me, but at 2 a.m. when I’m online,
your website makes me feel like a creep.

But I’m okay with that, I think. The problem
comes when I’m at a bar and get too drunk and
sing along to “Love Story” or that “Our Song”
song, and all my friends yell “Dude! You’re gay!”
‘cus singing teen-girl country is wrong.

But I’m okay with that, too, I guess. The real
issue to be addressed is when I’m sober
with no excuse. Today at the grocery
store I almost bought that CosmoGirl but caught
myself (I do have your Women’s Health).

Marry me, Juliet. You’ll never have to
hate my truck, I can’t drive stick (I know, fucked up).
And I don’t even like country, but you’re still
the reason for the teardrops on my laptop.
What’s Tim McGraw got that I don’t got?

*Ode to Taylor Swift is actually a poem from my first book, Broetry,** but since today is T-Swift’s 22nd birthday,*** I thought it would be fitting to put it up here. Happy birthday, Taylor!
**Broetry would make a GREAT Christmas present for basically anyone alive, so you should go buy some copies for everyone you love, and some people you don’t love. Complete strangers, even.
***Other notable December 13th birthdays: Dartmouth College (242), Heinrich Heine (214), Mary Todd Lincoln (193), Dick Van Dyke (86), Christopher Plummer (82), Steve Buscemi (54), and Jamie Foxx (44). Yay, birth!

Goodreads Choice Awards 2011

The second round of voting has just opened for the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards, and my book, Broetry is nominated in the Poetry category, so I wrote a little poem to commemorate the occasion. Go vote!

Broetry in Boston Haiku!

I am out of town
for a Broetry event
at Emerson. Come!

Broetry Slam Video

The week Broetry came out, Quirk Books held a Broetry Slam at National Mechanics in Philadelphia. They have recently sent me a video documenting the hilarity.

Also, a haiku:

Me author now.
Me speak pretty words. Me write
pretty words. You buy?