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Lucky Me

I forgot to wake up white this morning,
but by happy coincidence
my skin does not wait for a warning
to put up this basic defense.

I forgot to wake up straight this morning
but slowly got there by degrees.
My faith is strong, but some are worn—sing
to the Lord! You’ll beat that disease!

(I forgot to wake up godly today,
but thankfully I set aside
my weekends—or at least the one day—
to let Him know I’m on His side.)

I forget to wake up rich some mornings,
but when I tell them I’ve gone broke,
my friends, acting like I’m lowborn, fling
change at me; it’s our little joke.

Dad’s Diaries

Dad’s diaries are waiting in the top drawer of
a bed stand in the places that we go when we
get lonely for an hour. The paper-thin parchment
crunches when I turn the page, like autumn leaves
that fell from burning trees too soon;
translucent and impermanent, the noises
keep me company in every bawdy tomb.

I read my favorite stories to a girl that I
won’t Mary from the time when you were
thirty-two, and think of all the shit you carried
with you on your back (you never let it weigh
you down) and I am hoping to remember all
the things you taught me back when you were still around.

Dad, I see your diary was written down by
someone else’s hand, but I still remember
everything you taught me about how to be
a man. You’ll be glad to know your grand
daughter is working overseas where she is
farming in a fertile land and does it all for
free, and how I almost tied your grandson to
a fence the other day, but I just pelted him
with rocks until he bled out all the gay.

See, I’m trying hard to live my life
just the way you told me, or at least
the way I read it in this dusty little
story book where your friends had all
your best intentions written down.
But Father, I have got to ask how you
drank from that bloody glass and split
the fish while we were killing kingdoms
in your name, and how you loved the lonely
lepers and you knew your mother’s whore,
when you told me that the wicked
would not be let in your doors. But you’re
not around to give me all the answers
I might need, so I am forced to watch
as Mary takes my sixty bucks
for a fuck and leaves.

Lobe Lobe Lobe

It wasn’t until she moved to the city for college that Kelly realized anything was wrong with her. As far as she was aware, back in her small little town, everyone was the same as her — or if they weren’t, no one ever made a big deal over it.

She first noticed the seething contempt from her roommate, Ashlee, as they moved their bags into their shared dorm room on their first day there.  There was a brief moment of shared excitement between them as they shook hands for the first time. Looking into each others’ eyes, Kelly was certain they had both found companionship, but when she took her hand and tucked her sandy shoulder-length hair behind her, she noticed an immediate transformation. Ashlee’s smile faded, the glow of excitement dissipating into the stale dorm room air and hiding away beneath musty twin-sized mattresses.

They’d make shared friends in classes and events, but girls and boys alike both turned on her as quickly as Ashlee had on that first day. She’d see them whispering sometimes, secrets softly spilled into the ears of those who hadn’t yet caught on. Every syllable sent signs of recognition and disgust across their faces. Afterward they’d giggle and cup their hands around their ears, keeping the secret inside. Kelly couldn’t tell what she had done, or how she came to be such an abomination. They all seemed to like her well enough at first; what could be so bad as to make them all turn like that?

Kelly discovered the truth at a party over Columbus Day weekend. She had met an upperclassman brother that night named Glen, and the two of them hit off well enough to spend the better part of the evening making out on one of the second-hand couches that furnished the frat house living room. The kissing grew increasingly heavy as the party raged around them. Glen, with his left hand caressing her breast over the low-cut silk shirt she had worn that night, brought his lips down to her clavicle, gently sucking and kissing with his mouth, letting his tongue slip out in snake-like flares to lick her gentle skin. He worked his way up her shoulders, to her neck. Kelly’s head rolled back against the seat of the couch, giving him more space to work. His tongue traced its way up her jawline, inciting soft squeals, until it came to the back of her ear.

He nibbled sensuously  at the cartilage, down to the back of her earlobe, when suddenly, he leapt from the couch in disgust, wiping the wretched taste from his mouth. The whole room and stopped and turned as Glen pointed an accusatory finger in Kelly’s face. “Attachee!” he screamed, throwing the rest of the guests into chaos as they felt her filth cover their bodies. “You sicko earlobe freak!” he yelled as he pulled her off the couch and shoved her out the door without her coat.

By the time classes resumed on Tuesday morning, it seemed the entire school had known about Kelly’s attached earlobes. Even the faculty avoided her.

The social leprosy was too much for her to bear, so Kelly stole a steak knife from the dining hall, took it back to her dorm room to perform her own cosmetic surgery. Ashlee returned to the room after her Student Council meeting to find her Kelly unconscious, bleeding out on the hideous grey carpet. She spent a half hour in the bathroom throwing up at the sight of Kelly’s remaining attached earlobe. But the time she was done, it was too late to call an ambulance.

Race and the Internet According to Hogwild19100

I’m just gonna call this “found poetry” and be done with it.

hate the new spidy and noo its not
bc hes black
for the love of
god please black ppl
will you stop with
the racist shit

ok im 20 years old wasnt around for that shit
ok neither were my parents
ok so drop the bull shit calling

everybnody racist shit just
bc some one has a differnt opinion than you
or that they dont like the new spidy

ok your race wasnt the only race to be discriminated against
ok so quit the racist card boo

hoo shit enough
i hate
the new spidy bc they kill
off peter and then in a matter
of day they already have a new one?
really its like peter never existed
and then marvek said they were ganna change
some of this new charactes views form peter
like hes ganna have a competl;y new outlook
on justrice and crim and all that shit
so basically what marvel is saying is that

w.e made spider man spider man
w.e made peter parker peter parkewr

there just completly throwing that shit
outa the window and are brining something
comltly new and fresh in? wow dumest decision
ever you take and american icon and shit

on it by bringing in a dude
that doesnt even share the same
beliefs or ideas or views
or justice on crime into the comic
books and expect ppl to like it ?
exspecially hard core spidy
book readers? fuck no the worst

decision marvel has ever made

plus hoe the fuck
did he get his powers
huh did he
get bitten by a special spider
too pshhhh lame as hell wow

marvel im very disapointed in you
you cant take something like spidy
and just kill him off and replace him
with some bogus character you ruining
and trampling over the legacy of peter

parker with this new character
don t you see that? its like if we
wake up one day and the U.S
government decides that there ganna
replace the statue of liberty
with some other bogus statue that
know one has ever heard of like


i mean that statue is
what makes new york
new york besides
the 911 bombiungs
but thats getting off
topic any ways you see
what im saying tho you cant
just do that shit you piss
alot of ppl off that way

including me and again its not
bc of the fucking color
of the kid if the mutha
fucka was purple i still
wouldnt care its the fact
marvel is changing the very foundation

of spidy and trying
to replace the
foundation that
eveybody has come

to love about spidy and really
in my opinion destrying it
with this new charcater ill
go back to reading batman comics and stick
with the peter parker spider man comics

and then they were ganna make him gay!!
like seriously like to i have a problem with gays

no i dont do i believe in what
they believe and stand for what
they stand for no
i dont but im not ganna treat them
differntky for that but i mean
serioulsy your ganna start
putting gaynes in our comic
books to? i mean shit like

for real this is the way
i look at it i wont push
my straightness for girls
in your face dont push
your gayness for guys
in mine k sounds

like a deal
but noo you
always have
this happy go
lucky gays
all ways

perading around pushing
that shit in my face do

i look like i care
that your gay fuck

no i dont
care but

do me
a favor

and dont shove
that shit in
my face thats where
we have a problem

and i mean damn your telling me
now that i cant even pick up a fucking
comic book trying to relaxing
and drink a cup of coffe

with oru seeing the new
spider man making our
with some dude!!!! wtf

what is this world
coming to god

help us all
i mean do ppl

nmot think that kids will read
this shit too? i mean is that

really something you want
for your kid is to have them

be gay well

that your decision as a parent
but at least let your child make
a decision for them sleves dont

force gayness in there
face by this new spidy
comics thats not fair
to the chid at all

i mean when i was little
i wanted to be just

like batman
and just like
kidfs theses days
wanna be

just like spidy and
if the new spidy is

gay the kids
are ganna

want to be gay as well
its just an over all

bad risk and
bad choice
by marvel i
will back
fire on them

im willing
to bet it