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All of the Hallows

and all of the saints,
all of the isn’ts and all of the ain’ts,
all of the nevers and all of the nots,
the local cursed houses and mystery spots,
all of the secrets and all of the spies,
all of the cover ups, all of the lies,
all of the new age and ancient religions,
all the salt tossed, fingers crossed, superstitions,
all the quick steps once the lights have gone out,
all the cave paintings, rain dances for drought,
the myths and the customs, traditional dishes,
the weddings and funerals, birthday cake wishes,
the lucky t-shirts and the favorite places,
the reasons for loving, the personal spaces,
all the excuses and mental restraints,
all of the hallows and all of the saints.

The Night of the Rose

We were driving home from the university
when a whale exploded in the back of our truck.

Blubber covered everything: sidewalks, storefronts,
a passing army of revolutionaries;
three small children caught in the blast haven’t been seen
dry since.

We believed it was an old sperm whale, but
the passing revolutionaries disagreed.

That’s when the fighting began.

We ordered banners
depicting macrocephalic sea mammals and
held rallies against abyssal gigantism.

The banners were meant to have roses as well, but
red cloth was scarce; morale quickly faded.

We lost.

They renamed the city Herringrad, after their
great leader.

We still don’t know where the whale came from.