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Happy Birthday Buffy!

Sometimes when people share birthdays, even decades
Apart, others try to establish some kind of astrological link, a
Rudimentary sameness, attempt to discover every possible
Attribute those shared-birthday-holders coincidentally
Have in common. That’s dumb. Just because Anthony

Michael Hey-Remember-Me-I-Was-Chevy-Chase’s-Son-
Hall has the same birthday (but five years
Earlier) as Adrien Brody, doesn’t mean that their entire
Lives will be paralleled. Ok, so they’re both actors, match well with
Libras, happened to have been born on the
Eastern Seaboard, wanted roles in The Dark Knight (AMH

Got one, actually, sorry Brody). So what? Do
Either of them cartwheel around Sunnydale, California,
Looking damn sexy in their miniskirts, stakes strapped to their
Legs, out to kick some vampire ass? Psssssh, doubtful.
Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Adrien and Anthony were
Really into Freddie Prinze, Jr., and pregnant with his child.