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Because You Know

Some African tribes
Had two doors
For their huts

Though you know
African exit portals fade
Green paints to wood

Perhaps they know more
Of Star Wars
Or Harry Potter

So I compare you
Not to a summer’s day
But the saints of pop culture

Your smile framed
Not by African exit portals
Green paint sun-faded

On the wooden frame
But by the fame
Of the silver screen

A woman waiting for a train
A man tipping his hat
The rain  as it falls on a free man’s shoulders

Though African exit portals
Might better capture
The sentiment I feel

Something saved
Marking visits
Color moved with each passing

The heat of your body
Forever changing
The world around you

I compare you
To meeting Sally
Or getting mail

To being sleepless somewhere
Each airport gate
Like an African exit portal

Taking you