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Dark Winter Nights

We made ourselves a Snowman
Rolled from cold and silent white,
Scarf, carrot nose, stick arms, top hat,
Coal eyes and smile that shone delight.
He stood proud guard upon our lawn,
Twig-fingers tickling in the bluster.

We’d have him in for cocoa (he makes
Fantastic company) if he could stay the night.
“The heat,” he says “is killing me,
I must return outside.”
His branch hand slid the latch and chain, not
Noticing the grate.  “The furnace!”

We both shouted, “move, get, scram, shoo!”
Our friend had looked too late.
“What do we do!?  Who saw? – Wait,
Slow.  Stay quiet now, just wait.”
That night we built his brother, cloaked in
Hand-me-downs for clothes,

Same hat, same scarf, same wooden arm,
Same carrot for a nose.  Today
We thought he squinted
As our mug-steam caught his eye,
Now that we’re pretty sure he knows,
He might not last the night.