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Let’s build ampersandcastles
on a moat that’s made of words
with turrets turning clauses
where the arrowslits are heard

and a drawbridge joining predicates
from subjects made of stone
that punctuate the pillars
of the stories we call “home.”

wood stove burning

wood stove burning

and sawdust heat brings warmth

to children too exhausted to finish

their own sentences

either on paper or through their mouths


and once i figured out how much

kindling it might require in order

to keep the fire going on through

the bitter and relentless night

i was able to put myself at ease

able to put myself to sleep

able to let a little something go


satisfaction comes in many forms

and in the unlikeliest of ways

at the strangest and most unexpected

of times

this time is no exception

comfort is established through all this chill

wood stove burning

Generic alternative pop rock song

D A Bm G
Generic alternative pop rock song
I wrote it while I sat there alone
In my room and strumming on my guitar
I sometimes bleed oh yeah

I’ll play it now and then
On the sidewalk outside your house at 3am
The police have a special cell for me
I sometimes bleed oh yeah


Here’s the chorus (Here’s the chorus)
Here’s the chorus (Oh yeah)
A simple progression (Not exciting at all)
Like your love (But I wouldn’t know)

D A Bm G
You should learn to talk to me
Then I wouldn’t act like such a creep
I’m really proud of how I turned that around
I sometimes bleed oh yeah


Here’s the chorus (Here’s the chorus)
Yeah here’s the chorus (Oh yeah)
Just three chords (I’m not so inventive)
Like your love (But how would I know?)

Here comes the bridge so I’ll play real fast
Like a broken down iconoclast
I scream I cry I’ve gone insane
Thank you for this dose of pain
That’s what happens when you can’t let go

When you can’t let go

D A Bm G
Generic alternative pop rock song
I sing it to myself all alone
Don’t take anything I say too seriously
I like to bleed

Here’s the chorus (The final chorus)
Yeah here’s the chorus (Last time)
Thank God it’s over (I think it’s catching)
Like your love (That was a cheap joke)

Here’s the chorus (break it down now)
Here’s the chorus (Like rock bands do)
Here’s the chorus (Final chorus)
Screw your love

for elder hampton, a mormon i met on the 87 bus in 2002, and whose first name i actually thought was “elder.”

“just remember,” elder hampton solemnly said,

“god loves you. and so do i,”

a sentiment he emphasized by gently

placing his paw on my hand resting on the

bar top.

“why elder,” i said, “i had no idea.”

as I flipped my hand

over, curling

my fingers around the kid’s knuckles

letting my mischeivous and only slightly

insincere smile

speak for itself.

sole mates

i don’t believe in soulmates
’cause i don’t believe in souls
and it’s always getting tougher
as i’m growing ever old
so when i tell you plainly
there’s nothing once you die
you should take it close to heart:
there’s no meet up in the sky
but i don’t intend this bleakly
or as fatal, dismal, dark
use the inspiration
make it light a burning spark

yet leave me stranded, crawling,
lost distraughtly on all fours
if i do not care for mine
how could i ever care for yours?


Compact disc as personal history,
signed and certified digital relic
sought for emotional pilgrimages,
bought after the show, opened on the spot,
held and doodled on with a black sharpie
by the artist, which no one will ever
know but me. There are hundreds of varied
perspectives interpreting any scene,
but none of those others mean much unless
they agree with what I see. I might not
visit cathedrals or Our Lady of
Perpetual Tourist Donations, but
I still travel every day, all my
music and me, sound and found objects we.

I Carry My Grief In My Armpit

I carry my grief in my armpit
just so I can keep it warm,
and though some times the smell
escapes, at least I’m not alone.

You won’t find me in sleeveless shirts
or shaving off my hair, for
as long as she lives in my lymph
I’d like to keep her there.