Dust Jacket

To match my dust hat, my dust shirt and tie,
my dust-shined shoes and dirty leather belt,
my dust felt-tipped pen and mustard yellow
notebook, my wood and clay wallet, my dust
socks and dust boxers, my rock monocle,
my grass-stained vest (my very best), my dust
undershirt, my dirt clod cufflinks, chain, and
pocket watch, my mud umbrella, my dust
walking cane with the hidden blade, my dust
cigarette case, my filthy handkerchief,
my dust coat and tails, my dust tux and pale
muck cummerbund, my toxic scotch snifter,
my unwashed, “No, in fact I can’t spare a
buck, mister,” grimace, back from the cleaners.

2 responses to “Dust Jacket

  1. Inspired by Brian McGackin’s Broetry Dust Jacket

    Dust To Dust, Bone To Bone

    So he hung his coat of dust,
    his dust trousers, his dust cap,
    his dust to dust team’s name scribed.
    Now he, all bone, too bony-
    you say, bones you on your hard bed.

    – Kushal Poddar

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