Monthly Archives: November 2013

China Cabinet

You can look, but don’t touch, and never eat
from the surface of what’s inside this carved
wooden centerpiece, glass pane fronted to
display ceramic patterns with gorgeous
inlay, expensive, or at least old, or
probably both, the whole situation
susceptible to swift devastation
via an earthquake, a stiff breeze, or an
overactive rug rat’s run, bump, and smash.
(“Honest, it fell over when the door slammed!”)
The intersection of form and function,
but one of the roads is closed except for
special occasions, a dedicated
parade route; giant box of horns to toot.


In the frozen cattle line of colorful neighbors,
standing in silence to save their own steam
as the frost grows across their forgettable faces
each braving the odd bureaucratic machines,
I suddenly understand why my father votes Republican.

No Title

I want to keep these flashes snug,
protected in the blanket
of the warm August nights
from whence they emerged.

Windows down, Rick Astley blaring,
you demanding that I listen, listen to
my God. Majestic.
Bigger than the man,
bigger than this whole summer.

Has it been six years since I heard from you?
I stopped trying to glean meaning
from those final messages long ago,
maybe the Year of Our Lord 2009,
around the time I curled into a ball
on the living room floor, making
the most unholy noises,
grieving my own projected losses.
None of them came to fruition.
In case you were wondering.

Where are you, I wonder,
other than right here
in this corner of my limbic attic,
firing away at random,
bringing you to me in the middle of Panera Bread.

Where are you, really, other than in my memories?

I’m dealing so much with memory now, Keith.
It’s all I can think about.
There are proteins which can destroy them, memories.
Proteins banding together to make you forget all of the things that made you.
I pray nightly to Something Out There that they won’t get mine.
To lose you again, and not even realize it.
Come back. Stay.

wood stove burning

wood stove burning

and sawdust heat brings warmth

to children too exhausted to finish

their own sentences

either on paper or through their mouths


and once i figured out how much

kindling it might require in order

to keep the fire going on through

the bitter and relentless night

i was able to put myself at ease

able to put myself to sleep

able to let a little something go


satisfaction comes in many forms

and in the unlikeliest of ways

at the strangest and most unexpected

of times

this time is no exception

comfort is established through all this chill

wood stove burning

Hotel Room

I want to be left alone most the time,
no questions asked, a silent traveller
checking in at the faux marble front desk,
unpacking my mini-toiletries bag,
laying back on the overwhite pillows
and planning god knows what next, whatever
I like, or nothing if it pleases me,
a trip to the lobby bar and a long
evening reading or enjoying the
fancy flat screen in my room equally
appealing. I don’t need the company
of strangers, the kindness of those closest
to me will usually suffice, but
getting to be alone sometimes is nice.

We Shall Meet Again In The Nightmare Machine

when our souls are stolen out from high
and our once-flesh memories run dry
we shall meet again in the nightmare machine

when the primordial ooze of life turns to waste
and our callow carbon copies crumble in haste
we shall meet again in the nightmare machine

when our weak words are ripped apart —
linguistic entrails, bleeding art —
and sounds eviscerate the start
we shall meet again in the nightmare machine

Generic alternative pop rock song

D A Bm G
Generic alternative pop rock song
I wrote it while I sat there alone
In my room and strumming on my guitar
I sometimes bleed oh yeah

I’ll play it now and then
On the sidewalk outside your house at 3am
The police have a special cell for me
I sometimes bleed oh yeah


Here’s the chorus (Here’s the chorus)
Here’s the chorus (Oh yeah)
A simple progression (Not exciting at all)
Like your love (But I wouldn’t know)

D A Bm G
You should learn to talk to me
Then I wouldn’t act like such a creep
I’m really proud of how I turned that around
I sometimes bleed oh yeah


Here’s the chorus (Here’s the chorus)
Yeah here’s the chorus (Oh yeah)
Just three chords (I’m not so inventive)
Like your love (But how would I know?)

Here comes the bridge so I’ll play real fast
Like a broken down iconoclast
I scream I cry I’ve gone insane
Thank you for this dose of pain
That’s what happens when you can’t let go

When you can’t let go

D A Bm G
Generic alternative pop rock song
I sing it to myself all alone
Don’t take anything I say too seriously
I like to bleed

Here’s the chorus (The final chorus)
Yeah here’s the chorus (Last time)
Thank God it’s over (I think it’s catching)
Like your love (That was a cheap joke)

Here’s the chorus (break it down now)
Here’s the chorus (Like rock bands do)
Here’s the chorus (Final chorus)
Screw your love