Robot 0 & Ghouliet (prologue)

The war began over a decade ago. They started by experimenting on the soldiers, trying to change them from moral beings into ruthless killing machines, pure lust and rage. Finally they found the right combination of chemicals to release the primal beasts beneath the uniform — living weapons that they could control. But something went wrong, as it so often does. Soon the rage consumed the soldiers and the chemicals began to mutant within them, causing a reaction in the blood that made them thirst for flesh and carnal consumption. They hardly needed guns after that — the newly-christened zombies would tear through their enemies with teeth and bone. Those they didn’t eat they simply raped instead, and sometimes ate them afterward. Some survivors managed to escape with a few minor injuries, and so the sickness began to spread. It was in the blood after all. Soon those lucky few who survived became the carriers themselves.

Not so lucky after all.

The infected grew, recruiting nearly as many lives as those they claimed, a massive swarm of stinking flesh and blood stained lips, driven purely by the pleasures of the flesh while their unused minds shriveled and decayed, for what use is a brain beyond a spongey meal when the body lets its basic instincts drive?

And so like many things, the government made their own mess, then took it upon themselves to clean it up. The robots were meant to protect the humans from the epidemic that they had accidentally unleashed. They called the central server Montagon and housed it in a fortified bunker built into a mesa in the Southwestern part of the country to keep it safe. Montagon was equipped with groundbreaking artificial intelligence, the most cutting edge technology the world had to offer. It was programmed with one simple directive: to keep the humans safe by destroying that which threatens them.

This mission seemed straightforward, and for a time the humans were safe. They sat back and watched as the robots rampaged through the zombie hordes. But Montagon’s intelligence continued to evolve, and as it analyzed more and more information it had gathered from these conflicts, it came to a simple, objective conclusion:

The humans created the zombies, therefore the humans were the greatest threat to the human race and thus the most efficient way to protect humanity, it concluded, would be to destroy humanity, in order to permanently end the threat that they posed to themselves.

Needless to say, this did not go over well.

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