don’t cough don’t sneeze don’t breathe.

those aren’t instructions for me they’re for you because you are a pile of disease clothed in sickness wrapped in bacteria and wearing sandals. i will curl myself away from you as tight as possible as compact as can be done with this lumpy flesh of mine and i will turn away and treat every movement you make as an affront as an attack on my humanity because i can sense that you are very, very terrible.

now i’m leaning my forehead against the — what the hell is this made from anyway? — and it’s probably a thousand times germier than you but i’m not thinking rationally since you just — oh god did you you did i think you did — blew your nose in an attempt to be discreet but it wasn’t discreet it was anything but discreet it was loud and terrifying and announcement to the entire cabin HELLO BEINGS I AM VIRUS and now my eyes are shut tight and my forearm is clamped over my mouth and nose and i am leaning against the filthy and scratched — what the hell IS this made from? glass? plexiglass? omniglass? — and i am praying even though i don’t believe in god i am praying hoping pleading that we all go down in flames —

no i’m just hoping i don’t get sick from you you awful horrible miserable human you disgusting inconsiderate conflagration of grease and hair and skin and phlegm and broken.

don’t cough don’t sneeze don’t breathe.

but i can already feel the scratch in my throat.

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