Album One, Track Five

The first time it interrupts the sustain
of droning half-step dissonance, filling
the aural space with a fuzzed out wall
of sound strummed heavily on the down
stroke that supports a single voice
layered in unison with itself. It lasts
for a mere eight bars before returning
to that strange talky ambience and
the unsettling vibrations of open strings
and one more flat than it should be.

But the second time it hits that barricade
grows bigger, becoming a mighty force
of distortion twice as long as it had been.
And this time when we hear that voice above
those thrashing tones we find that it is not
alone, instead accompanied by a third and
then given a response, an answer to
the speaker’s call that first presents itself
as a savage, meaningless, but ultimately
universal howl which then transforms into
an echo before overpowering the voice
and predicting its response before it has
the chance to finish what it started.

And finally, the third time, the cacophony keeps
on building as our two conflicting voices still
struggle to be heard through that endless
cavern full of overdriven shreds, the lead
voice once again repeating its confession,
when another third enters the conversation,
offering new points counter to the claims of
the first. Perhaps it’s a direct response
from one who has suffered just the same,
in a some similar story where only the details
changed, or perhaps it is the audience that
the first one had been calling to for all
this time, finally offering an answer or
at least an argument to the initial supposition.

But no resolution is found in the end and their
voices combine into a meaningless wails that are
no sooner swallowed up by the growing sounds
that surround them, feeding back upon themselves
and finally crumbling into discord and decay.

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