In the dream we agreed that
nothing had changed, everything
felt just the same, things were
as taut as we remembered, soft
in the soft places we sought
succor. But I was beginning
to surface and when I broke I grasped
that this was only my translation.

Agree that in a dream
nothing had changed, all
exactly the same view.
We were tight, soft.
We tried the soft places
you should have been. I began to,
on the surface, and when I was broke, I understood
this was just my version.

Considered a dream.
Nothing changed, all.
I had the same view of things correctly.
We are tight, soft.
I tried the soft places.
You should have been there when I started.
Surface, bankruptcy, and I.
This is just my opinion.

One response to “Babel(fish)

  1. Reblogged this on Lisa McColgan and commented:

    In which I run a poem back and forth through the Bing Translator.

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