10 Things for Which I Am Sorry

1. Pushing you in front of the oncoming train. Accidents happen, but this wasn’t one of them.

2. Letting your goldfish die. Lola never did anything to deserve that.

3. Taking the interesting sections of the newspaper in the morning before you woke up.

4. Buying the O.J. with the pulp, even though you hate pulp. I like pulp.

5. Slamming the door when you yelled. I wouldn’t have if you didn’t yell, you know.

6. The thing at your mom’s. I won’t mention it after this.

7. Not believing as much as you did.

8. Thinking that you’d learned to touch like that on someone else’s skin. Whether you did or not wasn’t worthy of an accusation, because we all have.

9. Imagining myself as the ring around your neck, not the ring around your finger.


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