Other: Down with Cobblepot

I know I’m talking out of turn, but I really think you’ll appreciate this: today at work, I was talking about Sam, this portly older dude who has a perfectly round gut, a shiny bald head, a sharp nose, and a comforting waddle in his walk.  I told a couple co-workers how he reminded me of The Penguin.  They all chuckled, and totally got it.  (Non-humble brag?)  Anyway, turns out Sam totally over heard (or maybe Karen told him later; she’s a blabber), and I guess was really hurt.  I felt a little bad, since I was calling out his gut and that nose, mainly.  But he should know what he looks like.  Then I realized he probably wasn’t thinking of the comics or Burgess Meredith, neither a master boss man or a wacky schemer.  He thought of DeVito and grotesque flipper fingers.  I blame a lack of culture.  And Nolan for not using Philip Seymour Hoffman, like we said he should.

What did you think of Rises, anyway? I dug it, flaws and all. Definitely need to watch the Blu I bought. Maybe I’ll have an occasion to do that sometime.


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